Reid’s Dome Project

Reid’s Dome Project

Reid’s Dome Gas Project


The Reid’s Dome Gas Project is contained within Production Lease 231, located approximately 50 kilometres southwest of Rolleston, in Central Queensland, and 50 kilometres west of the Queensland Gas Pipeline. Reid’s Dome is within the Bowen Basin on the apex of the Springsure-Serocold Anticline.

PL 231 is 100% owned by State Gas, providing the Company with maximum flexibility to drive development.

Geological structure of the Reid’s Dome at PL 231

Conventional gas

Conventional gas was discovered at Reid’s Dome during oil drilling in 1955, producing gas from gas sands in two zones, the shallow Cattle Creek Formation, a marine sandstone source rock, and the underlying Reid’s Dome Beds. Since that original discovery, a number of historical wells have flowed gas from the Cattle Creek Formation in the northern area of the permit, from depths of as shallow as 130 meters.

Indicative diagram of PL 231 Formations

Coal seam gas


In addition to conventional gas sands, the Reid’s Dome Beds contain extensive Permian coal measures throughout the permit. However, prior to State Gas, the area had not been explored for coal seam gas.

In late 2018 State Gas established the potential for PL 231 to contain a significant coal seam gas project with the drilling of the Nyanda-4 corehole.

In late 2019 the Company commenced a production test of Nyanda-4. Production testing at Nyanda-4 has confirmed that potential: gas flow rates have approached 500,000 cubic feet per day and water production has been very low, both of which are signs that are extremely positive for the commerciality of the Project. 




Nyanda-4 gas flare – 9 January, 2020

The results of the field activities have been very encouraging. Drilling in the northern and central areas of the permit has confirmed the presence of the Reid’s Dome coal measures throughout the spine of PL 231 with gas content on a par with Nyanda-4.

The Aldinga East-1A well and the Serocold-1 well (approximately 12km and 6 km north of Nyanda-4 respectively) both contain a significant number of coal seams showing permeability, and in a surprise development likely to benefit the commerciality of the field, the Aldinga East-1A well discovered a new conventional gas pool in the shallow Cattle Creek Formation. 

The excellent results of the Nyanda-4 production test have led the Company to focus on the Nyanda area for early development, and in late 2020 the Company drilled the Nyanda-7 and Nyanda-8 wells, each between 2 and 3km to the north and south-west (respectively) of Nyanda-4. The geological parameters of the wells appear similar or better than at Nyanda-4, confirming the widespread presence of gas bearing coal seams and significant net coal within the Nyanda area. The wells are currently being production tested to obtain the data critical to inform development planning.  


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Export pipeline


The Company has obtained a Pipeline Survey Licence to enable investigations to commence for a pipeline route to market. Work to date has given a high level of confidence that a viable route can be identified and quickly permitted, enabling an early commencement of construction. Discussions with potential pipeline partners have been progressing since the successful production testing results from Nyanda-4 at Reid’s Dome became available.

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